Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Dog Crazy

Its not too hard to notice that I'm more than a little dog-crazy. I don't have children, so my 2 hairy mutts end up getting the full wrath of my maternal instincts.

In the wake of the huge dog food recall and all of those poor people who lost their furry family members, I have been paying a lot more attention to the ingredients listed in my pet food and their treats. I have found a great source of dog treats that are organic and that my dogs flip for--called TheChocolateLab. She bakes each batch using organic ingredients that are good for my dogs and that are also really creative. She based her ingredients and recipes from what her dog likes and what a vet recommends and approves.
Some of my favorites are Looks Like Lobster tastes Like Chicken and the Jive Turkeys. She features all sorts of recipes-- from the Carob dipped to Pupcakes. Check out or for more information and a full listing of her pet goodies.

I really like that these are organic, and I have also used them for gifts for friends with new pets or for someone brave enough to pet-sit for me.

---Megan (Harrilu)

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