Friday, October 19, 2007

We're Back & Ready For More!

The Girlie Show was wonderful! I had a ball meeting so many of the Girlies and shopping the show! It was truly a fun show, so well run -- with great music and really quality vendors! We're all gearing up for more great shows over the next couple of months, so stay tuned for more! We'll be toting our wares in and around Dallas, Texas and beyond!

Halloween is just around the corner! We have just started utilizing our etsy shop and have a few seasonal items for sale! Check it out:

I love the felt monsters that Superchica made-- really fun and festive decorations that are handmade with Halloween love!

Craft Recipe: Jack-o-Lanterns

There are so many ways to make fun carved pumpkins these days! I am a fanatic when it comes to carving.

First, I draw a design on a piece of paper and hold it up to the pumpkin to trace-- using a pushpin to poke a hole every couple of centimeters so that I can remove my paper and see my design in holes on the pumpkin.

Next, I cut the top making a key-hole shape (it keeps the lid from falling in) at the top and scoop out the insides using a pumpkin scoop or a big serving spoon. When I'm done scooping, I take the pumpkin to the sink and rinse it out-- it gets rid of some of the stringy bits and makes it less sticky to work on. I also try to carve out a flat space for my candle/light. Cut a small hole on the backside of your pumpkin an inch or so down from your top for a vent-- it helps from the top of your pumpkin lid going black!

For the carving, I use pumpkin saws, carving knives, or kitchen knife to cut out my design. Other great things to use are electric drills (they make perfect polka dots!). Another fun thing to do (if you are a carving fool like me) is to use carving tools just to remove part of the pumpkin shell/skin -- it creates a cool glow effect with a lit candle. These do last a lot longer-- but I recommend electric/battery powered candles on these.

To preserve, I use vaseline or petroleum jelly around the cut edges-- it seals it and keeps it from deteriorating so quickly.

Other fun things to add and do: Paint! Add it to a carved pumpkin or use it for a no-carve solution! Great for small children!! I have been known to spray paint or use other acrylic craft paint a pumpkin to match a theme-- from 60's to a disco ball. Think about using glow sticks or strobe lights to fill your pumpkin-- very fun effects! you can also use fake finger nails for teeth or pipe cleaners and styrofoam balls for antennae or crazy eyes! Using other bits of the pumpkin for tongues and eyeballs are easy to! just use a toothpick to secure it to your pumpkin.

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