Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The Paper Quilt Project

A few months ago I sent in a submission for an on-going project that I think is pretty amazing-- the Paper Quilt Project. Check out the website for more details:
the gallery:
or the blog here:

For 12 months artists of different backgrounds, countries, etc submitted a small paper collage made of samples sent out by the organizer. This happened from January 2007-December 2007. They had a few days to complete and send back their submission- and each month a different mini quilt was made. The theme was "a day in my life" to give a tiny glimpse of our day via a small paper collage-- I did have fun making it-- I used screenprint, gocco, and collage to complete my sample (shown).

Now that it is being completed, the quilt will be sewn together and auctioned off for charity. I can't wait to see the final quilt. With each submission there was a little interview/questionnaire we had to fill out-- asking a few simple questions but giving a much better look at who each artist was. Reading through them is as interesting and fun to me as it was to be part of the quilt.

I would definitely recommend checking out the site, gallery, and blog. It is a amazing how many different views, looks and ideas were generated from small scraps of paper, and one determined eco-conscious organizer (Dawbis).