Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Crafting A Success Plan

Like many other artistic/ crafty people I feel like my mind is going 1000 miles an hour and there are so many wonderful ideas and just not enough time to execute them. I was given this wonderful book by a dear friend and I thought this bit of direction would inspire others to create a success plan for themselves.

The Book:
Handmade for profit!

The Woman:
Barbara Brabec

The Goal:
Put your plans in writing to make them achievable

**The following is quoted from the Book, Handmade for Profit by Barbara Brabec**

#1 My Dreams & Goals (immediate and long-term)

#2 Money talk (your reasons for working, your income goals, an estimate of how much money you'll need to get started and where you'll get this start-up money)

#3 Time (number of hours you plan to work each week, where you will find them and how you plan to fit everything into your daily schedule)

#4 Business Brainstorming (business names you like, ideas for products you might make, where you will set up a business management corner in your home, what office supplies and equipment you'll need to manage your moneymaking endeavor, how family and friends might help you achieve your goal, etc.)

#5 Production Plan (supplies and materials needed, supply sources you need to locate, how you and others will produce goods for sale, what outside help you might need)

#6 Marketing Plan (how and where you plan to sell everything you make)


By creating the above template for my business I have found my mind more focused. So I hope that this helps you as well. I have also attached a photo of the book for all of us visual creatures. Go out and purchase the book, I found it worth every penny!

Tara to the T

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